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Yohann Martel

Software Engineer



Welcome to something between my personal website and my interactive resume. This experience will allow you to know me better and to make reading fun.

Who am I? I'm a french software engineer and I currently live in Montreal (Canada). I started coding on a Amstrad CPC 6128 in basic in my childhood and since, I have never stopped. After almost 10 years in software development as work, I've realized that you can't judge a software engineer on his knowledge of a technology, but rather its ability to learn and adapt himself.

My strengths are:




Team player

What I do? I work at Behaviour Interactive doing whatever I can! I'm leading the prog team for Deathgarden.

Thanking you for your interest in my website or myself, I wish you enjoyable browsing.


Yohann Martel

Montreal, Canada



Technical skills

Software architecture
Game development
Software development (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
Cloud solution (SaaS, PaaS)
High scalability
Quality management
Automated deployment



3D Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D
Web/Backend: NodeJs, Go, ASP.NET
Cloud: Amazon AWS, Azure
DB: SQL Server, MySql / MariaDB, SqlLight
Distributed cache: AppFabric, CoucheBase, Redis
NoSql: ElasticSearch, SolR, MongoDB
Desktop: WPF, WinForms


Project management

Agile methodology: Scrum, Kanban, Ninja
Requirements, specifications, costing
Project planning, production and monitoring


Lead game developer / Senior game developer Current

Behaviour Interactive
Apr 2014 - present

Behaviour Interactive is the largest independent game development studio in Canada, specializing in the production of 2D and 3D action/adventure games.


  • Management
    • Work closely with designers and art leads to understand requirements and translate those to user stories and specifications for engineering
    • Take ownership over engineering scope, planning, and scheduling changes
    • Guide development day-to-day to help developers remain on track and address blocking issues
    • Project management: Project planning, scope planning, resource planning and risk management planning
    • Dev team management: one-on-one, monthly dev meeting, annual review and more
  • Game Development
    • Participate as a senior developer on the team, implementing features and mentoring other developers
    • Engine integration
    • Game servers deployment through amazon gamelift
    • Multiple backend microservices: Metrics, Replay, FileService
    • Consoles PS4/Xbox1: Handle gameflow changes to support authentication, profile, disconnection and controllers
Unreal Engine C++ NodeJs Jenkins Docker Perforce Git TeamOf70

Dead by daylight

  • Game Development
    • Xbox1: Handle B2B requests (with XSTS) for authentication and in-game purchases
Unreal Engine C++ C#

Project Warhammer40k – Eternal Crusade

  • Management
    • Task specifications and estimations
    • Dispatch the work inside the team backend and console
  • Design and develop online services
    • Restful service in NodeJs
    • Matchmaking and lobby based on redis
    • Account system and game persistence based on MongoDB
    • Business intelligence dashboard based on analytics coming from our game statistics (Elasticsearch)
    • Full environment creation on amazon cloud (EC2 / ECS / Cloudformation)
    • Continuous delivery build thanks to jenkins
    • The fullstack is on Docker
  • Game Development
    • Design and implementation of the game console
    • Gameplay optimization to reduce the network bandwidth
    • Implementation of gamemode and engine modification
    • Xbox1 integration: multiplayer session management, statistics, achievements...
    • PS4 integration: achievements, core affinity, optimization
Unreal Engine C++ NodeJs Python Jenkins Docker Perforce Git ElasticSearch TeamOf40-100

Software Architect / Technical Leader

QXL Ricardo
Dec 2011 - March 2014

QXL Ricardo is based in Sophia-Antipolis France. is the 3rd Switzerland website with over 5 million unique visitors per month. (Just after Google and Facebook). The main website is an auction website and operates in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Greece.

Creation and development of a new classified platform

  • Architecture / technical choices
  • Modern search engine - SolR (NoSQL)
  • High availability / Scalable thanks to Microsoft Azure (PAAS solution)
  • Responsive design - Bootstrap
  • Distributed cache - App Fabric
  • Security - Full HTTPS/ anti forgery token / anti XSS
ASP.Net MVC SolR Azure cloud Amazon SES App Fabric TeamOf7

Stabilization and migration of the website

  • Platform migration ASP to ASP.Net MVC 3
  • Architecture of the new API solution
  • Correction and stabilization of existing code
  • Establishment of patterns
  • Optimization of cache management
C# ASP.Net MVC nodejs Cache Pattern JQuery Ajax TeamOf9

Improvement of development process

  • Establishing a Framework common to all projects of the company, distributed through a packet manager
  • Implementation of continuous integration
  • Team training on the latest Web and .Net technologies
C# nodejs nuget Continuous integration TFS

Software Architect / Technical Leader

RTE Technologies
Sep 2009 - Nov 2011

RTE Technologies is the leader of the after-sales service in France. (based in Sophia-Antipolis, France)

Creation and development of WPF Smart Client SOLMIS, strategic solution for managing the business of customer service and after-sales service

  • WPF application architecture, implementing the MVVM pattern
  • Specification and development of a "plugin" architecture for the client and SOA for services
  • Development from the UI to unit tests
  • Database design
  • Creating an automated deployment tool for TFS (Using Workflow Foundation)
C# WPF MVVM MEF Entity Framework SQL Server WCF TFS Workflow Foundation JQuery Ajax TeamOf5

Development and maintenance of existing projects

  • Development of a Silverlight application to manage technical documentations
  • Backend done in SOA thanks to WCF
  • Websites development (like
C# WCF ASP.Net SOA Silverlight TeamOf5

.Net Developer

Jul 2007 - Aug 2009

Logica was a multinational IT and management consultancy company. It's now owned by CGI Group and renamed CGI

Development of a management tool for advanced translation at Lionbridge company

  • Architecture and development of the services part (WCF)
  • Development of a security token service to handle authentication
  • UI development in ASP.NET 3.5 / JQuery
  • Development of a form generator thanks to ASP.NET / XML / XSD
C# ASP.Net WCF SOA STS Javascript XML XSD TeamOf7

.Net Developer

Jul 2006 - Jun 2007

Sogeti is an information technology consulting company specializing in local professional services. (based in Sophia-Antipolis, France). I was in sandwich training.

Development of a CMS

  • Pages / Usercontrols development in ASP.NET 1.0 / 2.0
  • Development of a plugin engine in XML
  • Development of Winform tools


Open source projects are the best way to get feedback on your work and to improve yourself. Here you can find a partial list of my open project.


NodeJS, MongoDB

Guidelines to make your API thanks to NodeJs and MongoDB.

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GnGeo-Pi is a portable NeoGeo emulator optimized for Raspberry Pi.

I fixed some sound issues and it's now used in one of the most known raspberry distribution: Retropie

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C#, ASP.Net, JQuery Mobile

ASP.NET Mobile Framework (AMF) was a framework to make web application for most-used tablet and smartphone web browsers.

It's based on Jquery Mobile 1.0 ( and now, it's completely deprecated :)

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Fascinated by computers and new technologies, my professional orientation is obvious! My study were done in France.

  • Engineering Degree

    SUPINFO - 2008

  • Master Degree in Science Computer

    SUPINFO - 2008

  • Associate Degree in Science Computer

    ESIG - 2006

  • High School Diploma

    Renoir High School in Cagnes sur mer

About me


My First Post

Passionate about skateboarding, I have been practicing it for over 20 years. In winter, I swap my skateboard against a snowboard


My First Post

Rugby is a game that develops leadership, team spirit, courage, sportsmanship, and friendship. These values and traditions develop from the first time a young player shakes hands with their opposite number, leading to a life long passion for and involvement with the game at all levels.

Humanitarian Mission

In April 2009, I went on a humanitarian mission with the French NGO planete-urgence ( in Benin during 20 days. The aim was to assist a local NGO protecting an island in the heart of Benin.

The mission was:

  • Discovering the Agonvé Island and taking pictures/videos
  • Training the Beninese NGO CIDEV to create website